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Founded with the intention of recovering the art of eating well, this association emphasises the use of locally produced food, to guarantee maximum quality and economic sustainability of responsible production.

Learn about Slow Food Products and Producers as well as a novel initiative by this association, the so-called "Km 0 network".


Star Restaurants

Check out our list of the finest restaurants in Bilbao and Bizkaia, and learn about their philosophy and seasonal dishes.

These haute cuisine restaurants awarded with Michelin guide stars will evince quality, creativity and attention to detail in very bite of their sumptuous dishes.


Restaurants Guide

Many visitors’ best memory of Bilbao is to do with the moments of pure delight that they enjoy when they linger over a meal at one of the city’s restaurants. Not only is it the opportunity to try the famous Basque cuisine, but you can also discover the many different facets that make up the gastronomy of the Basque Country.



Since 1997, the city's best pintxo venues compete for top prize in the annual "Pintxo Bar Contest – Bilbao Bizkaia - Pintxo Txapelketa".

This section will both delight you and show you how to make any one of a wide range of Bilbao's prize-winning Pintxos, a mouthwatering bite-sized version of haute cuisine.


Our wines

Wine has always played a leading role in day to day life in Bilbao.

Thus it is no mystery that the city promotes both txakoli from Bizkaia and Rioja wine, as part of a global network of eight big cities within internationally known wine-growing regions.




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Zarate Restaurant

Perseverance; is the attitude of being firm in reaching a objetivo.Fidelidad; What is it that moves their will to remain faithful? Is the decision to create your life at every moment under the project established in the act of promise to himself. Love and passion for his profession, requirements when choosing the product, gently in his hands when he is … think, create and display.

This is what makes Sergio Ortiz de Zarate, Zarate Restaurant chef de Bilbao, since very young decided that I wanted to pursue was the kitchen.

Esto es lo que hace SERGIO ORTIZ DE ZARATE, chef del Restaurante Zarate de Bilbao, desde que muy joven decidiera que a lo que quería dedicarse era la cocina.

It started in Leioa Catering School and toured different restaurants for years, learning, studying, knowing the raw material. Until your love of the sea will take you to Lekeitio. There, he began to implement his dream restaurant. He worked with the best seafood, brought to port. In 2007, he was winner of Nationwide Giraldo Cod, with his plate: “Cod with clams in soup barnacles”.

Betting on contemporary cuisine, one of the keys to its success lies in the way of treating fish, completely innovative. Lover quality product, in search of new sensations, aromas …

Within the project, it is important the team, in which Sergio place their trust and which requires almost as much as himself.

Gastronomic Menu

Gelee with clam broth and ginger

prawns cooked at low temperature in salad sea

seafood Sticky rice

on truffled mashed potatoes and mushrooms, crispy ham and olive oil Egg

(wild) fish of the day depending on marketn OR Iberian roast lightly marinated with shallots and orange prey

100% chocolate


apart Beverages


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  • Tfno.: 94 441 65 21 / 665 70 75 15
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