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Bilbao today is a prime example of urban restructuring, having transitioned from an industrial city to a city of services and culture.

Discover the urban evolution of Bilbao visually and intuitively by taking a historical look at the most relevant projects undertaken in the process.


In project

Bilbao's transformation has no start and end date, but rather is an ongoing process.

Learn about the projects that will become the new landmarks to consolidate Bilbao as a leading city in urban planning and architecture.


New constructions

For some time now, Bilbao has been unveiling significant urban and architectural novelties.

This section will provide full detail of recent endeavours which are already a part of the New Bilbao.


Heritage buildings

Bilbao has taken great pains to preserve its heritage as much as possible, making renovating and preserving Bilbao's historic buildings a key aspect to combining the new architecture with that of inspired artists of yesteryear.



Modern architecture has raised twenty-first century Bilbao off the ground. As great national and international architects -many of them recipients of the prestigious Pritzker Architecture Prize- left their mark in the form of modern works of art.The city's commitment to world-class architecture is self-evident and has been successful.




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Bilbao continues to grow


Iglesia de Miribilla

A residential area with a high percentage of public housing, Miribilla is one of Bilbao’s new suburbs. Prominently located on a small hill in the neighbourhood, the Church was conceived by IMB architects’ studio right here in Bilbao, all elements very much in line with Catholic rites. As the church’s interior is visible from the outside, even the least devout of passers by will feel the call to worship.

Other shining examples of original buildings in this district, along with the Church, are the Bilbao Sports Arena, the combined Fronton and sports federation offices, as well as the new facilities for the Municipal Police and Fire Departments of Bilbao.

Bilbao Arena y Polideportivo

Inaugurated in 2010, ACXT’s design of Bilbao Sports Arena is structured into two modern masses: a huge sports court seating 8,500 spectators, and a sports centre. Outside, onlookers will see a building simulating an immense tree composed of permeable plastic green leaves acting as a screen to cover the upper part of the building while simulating tree branches.

On the other hand, the façade of the Sports Centre is composed of prefabricated textured concrete panels, simulating a huge rock. There is an enormous skylight in the roof allowing the pool area to enjoy natural light, while several smaller skylights illuminate the gymnasiums.


Another architectural icon of the district of Miribilla is Fronton Bizkaia, built in concrete and a black slate exterior, which by night is a beacon welcoming all entering Bilbao via Miribilla. The largest of its kind in Euskadi, architect Javier GASTON designed a building for over 2,800 people.

Next to the fronton, a two-walled ball court is a trinket court for indoor versions of Basque handball, pilota, a modern-day version of Jeu de paume. The new home of Kirol Etxea, this sports facility bring together all the sports federations in Bilbao and the School of Basque handball under one roof.

Area Seguridad Ciudadana

To put the finishing touch to Miribilla, the modern, 15,000 sq. m. building, with groundbreaking design throughout its exceptional infrastructure, is to house both Public Security and Civil Protection. This last edifice is work of Juan COLL-BARREAU architectural firm, also responsible for the design of the Basque Health Service Building in the Ensanche district of Bilbao. The complex is comprised of two interconnected buildings, the Department of Public Security building, with an irregular glass façade, and the austere rectilinear Civil Protection building, both connected to one another by an overhead walkway. The most notable element of this complex is the construction of a 50 m high training tower.

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