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Founded with the intention of recovering the art of eating well, this association emphasises the use of locally produced food, to guarantee maximum quality and economic sustainability of responsible production.

Learn about Slow Food Products and Producers as well as a novel initiative by this association, the so-called "Km 0 network".


Star Restaurants

Check out our list of the finest restaurants in Bilbao and Bizkaia, and learn about their philosophy and seasonal dishes.

These haute cuisine restaurants awarded with Michelin guide stars will evince quality, creativity and attention to detail in very bite of their sumptuous dishes.


Restaurants Guide

Many visitors’ best memory of Bilbao is to do with the moments of pure delight that they enjoy when they linger over a meal at one of the city’s restaurants. Not only is it the opportunity to try the famous Basque cuisine, but you can also discover the many different facets that make up the gastronomy of the Basque Country.



Since 1997, the city's best pintxo venues compete for top prize in the annual "Pintxo Bar Contest – Bilbao Bizkaia - Pintxo Txapelketa".

This section will both delight you and show you how to make any one of a wide range of Bilbao's prize-winning Pintxos, a mouthwatering bite-sized version of haute cuisine.


Our wines

Wine has always played a leading role in day to day life in Bilbao.

Thus it is no mystery that the city promotes both txakoli from Bizkaia and Rioja wine, as part of a global network of eight big cities within internationally known wine-growing regions.




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Bilbao-Rioja acogerá en noviembre la Great Wine Capitals AGM, Asamblea Anual

From 8 to 12 November, Bilbao-Rioja will host the Annual Assembly of the GWC 2015 with different activities relating to the world of wine. Specifically, on 9 November, for the first time Logroño will host a Congress on “Wine Tourism, a strategy for everyone”. The subjects to be debated will be “Wine Tourism Strategy” and “Successful models for wine tourism”. The participants will include the main wineries FROM Fan Francisco, Cape Town, Bordeaux, Catalonia, Jerez and Rioja. In the evening of 9 November we will enjoy a dinner at Marqués de Riscal.

Apart from the activities relating to the Network, which include working sessions, technical seminars and visits to wineries and wine shops in Bilbao-Rioja, on 11 November an international wine tasting will be organised and on 12 November the International Best Of Wine Tourism Awards will be given at the Guggenheim Bilbao museum.

The GWC network, set up in 1999, is made up of 9 large cities linked to internationally prestigious wine producing regions: Bilbao-Rioja (Spain), Bordeaux (France), Cape Town (South Africa), Florence (Italy), Mainz (Germany), Mendoza (Argentina), Porto (Portugal), San Francisco-Napa Valley (United States) and Valparaíso-Casablanca (Chile).

The network includes the Bilbao-Rioja Committee made up of the Chambers of Commerce of Álava, Bilbao, La Rioja, Bilbao City Council and the Rioja Group. Its objective is to promote the economic, training and cultural development of each of these regions by setting up privileged relations, and in particular in the area of cooperation in the field of wine tourism.