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Bilbao acogerá en 2013 la cumbre “World Cities Summit Mayors Forum”

More than sixty mayors from five continents will gather in Bilbao in 2013. The capital of Bizkaia will host for two days -13th and 14th June next year- the annual meeting of the World Cities Summit Mayors Forum, which since its establishment in 2010 has always been celebrated in the Republic of Singapore.

This meeting brings together local governments around the world and Its priority is to share “best practices” between cities and regions committed to sustainability, urban solutions and creating more liveable environments.

The choice of Bilbao as the official venue of the World Cities Summit Mayors Forum 2013 represents a great support to the work Bilbao has done in the area of urban transformation, linked to the regeneration of its river, the commitment to architecture and design, the promotion of green spaces and the improvement of the quality of life of its population. Indeed, in 2010, Bilbao received the award in Singapore Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize in recognition of his leadership for the creation of an urban community “vibrant, liveable and sustainable,” which has converted Bilbao into a international reference.

The announcement of the celebration in Bilbao next year’s World Cities Summit Mayors Forum has been held this Sunday during the plenary session of the Forum, which takes place in Singapore, under the chairmanship of Minister of State, National Development, Trade and Industry of the Southeast Asian country, Lee Yi Shyan. In this event have participated the Deputy Mayor of Bilbao, Ibone Bengoetxea, and CEO of the Consistory, Aldekoa Andoni, who have agreed to highlight the importance and value for Bilbao to host in 2013 an event of such international impact.

Bilbao is fully aware that the future is in the cities and in their ability to create more liveable and sustainable environments that promote excellence in research, innovation, technology and urban solutions.

Therefore, this year Bilbao is present in Singapore to discuss, together with local authorities from Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and New Zeland, about the global challenges we have to face; among them, economy, governance, sustainability and quality of life. In addition, Bilbao has had an information stand at the World Cities Summit Expo and held working meetings with government officials in Singapore, business centres and companies in the Southeast Asian country.