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Bilbao today is a prime example of urban restructuring, having transitioned from an industrial city to a city of services and culture.

Discover the urban evolution of Bilbao visually and intuitively by taking a historical look at the most relevant projects undertaken in the process.


In project

Bilbao's transformation has no start and end date, but rather is an ongoing process.

Learn about the projects that will become the new landmarks to consolidate Bilbao as a leading city in urban planning and architecture.


New constructions

For some time now, Bilbao has been unveiling significant urban and architectural novelties.

This section will provide full detail of recent endeavours which are already a part of the New Bilbao.


Heritage buildings

Bilbao has taken great pains to preserve its heritage as much as possible, making renovating and preserving Bilbao's historic buildings a key aspect to combining the new architecture with that of inspired artists of yesteryear.



Modern architecture has raised twenty-first century Bilbao off the ground. As great national and international architects -many of them recipients of the prestigious Pritzker Architecture Prize- left their mark in the form of modern works of art.The city's commitment to world-class architecture is self-evident and has been successful.




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Bizkaia Technology Park

Zamudio Parkea

Parque Tecnológico de Bizkaia

Bizkaia Technology Park is strategically located just ten minutes from downtown Bilbao and Bilbao International Airport on 250 hectares of land. Standing between the towns of Zamudio and Derio in a setting of exceptional natural beauty, the Park has pioneered in concentrating high-added value business sectors for such activities as: research centres, advanced technology companies.

Since its inception in the late 80s, the Technology Park has been a benchmark for research, development and innovation (RD&i). A high percentage of innovative companies spend over 10% of their investments on RD&i. The 2,000 strong community of researchers carry out their work in technology centres, university departments and business R&D.

Bizkaia Technology Park is a model of sustainable economy, generating its own technology in order to transition from the concept of made in to thought it. The goal is to provide Basque companies a competitive edge in global markets and to boost their business and technological position when supplying goods and services. In short, Basque companies should create well-being, jobs for qualified workers and societal wealth.

View the report in eBook format:

Download Bizkaia Technology Park in pdf format