Más de 300 arquitectos y urbanistas de renombre se reúnen en Bilbao a partir de mañana en el BIA Urban Regeneration Forum

The BIA platform (Bilbao Bizkaia Architecture), dedicated to stimulating architecture and urban planning in the province of Bizkaia, will gather together over 300 architects, urban planners and engineers who, under the ‘Towards Living Cities’ slogan, will discuss the challenges facing the cities of the future. The forum will get underway with a day dedicated to Mexico and end with Norman Foster receiving the I BIA Award on Friday 26th. Read more

BIA recupera la antigua Estación de la Naja en Bilbao como anticipo de la celebración del Urban Regeneration Forum

The platform has chosen this “forgotten yet striking place” for a “transient refurbishment”, in other words, a fitting out of the inner space that for just two weeks will see part of its interior and docks turned into venues offering activities for the enjoyment of everyone in Bilbao. Read more

BIA llena Bilbao en septiembre de actividades culturales para todos los públicos con la arquitectura como eje principal

La plataforma BIA (Bilbao Bizkaia Architecture), dedicada a la dinamización de la arquitectura y el urbanismo en Bizkaia, llenará el mes de septiembre de actividades culturales abiertas a todo el público para acercar la arquitectura a la ciudadanía. Estas actividades se enmarcan dentro de la celebración de primer BIA Urban Regeneration Forum, que se celebrará en la capital vizcaína entre el 4 y el 28 de septiembre. Read more

Norman Foster recibirá en Bilbao el I Premio BIA por su contribución a la regeneración urbana de la villa

Norman Foster, one of the best-known and most prestigious names in contemporary architecture, will be in Bilbao on 26 September to collect the BIA (Bilbao Bizkaia Architecture) Award, given in recognition to those people who have contributed to the development of Bizkaia’s society through architecture and urban regeneration. The prize-giving ceremony will be held at the Guggenheim Museum. Read more

Mexico to be the guest country at the BIA Urban Regeneration Forum scientific conference

The México -Bilbao/Bizkaia Encounter, which will include different conferences and events, will be held parallel to the Urban Regeneration Forum Bilbao. A delegation of representatives of Mexican architects’ associations, companies and local authorities will discuss the situation of the sector in that country, along with its evolution, cooperation opportunities, business experiences, etc. This encounter will be held in the Assembly Room at the Iberdrola Tower on 24 September. Read more