Bilbao Art District: “UN OTOÑO LLENO DE ARTE”

Autumn arrives decided to fill Bilbao with art from October 16 in all the galleries of the city. Bilbao Art District opens the autumn season, inviting all citizens and visitors to feel excited about culture, through the work of thirteen Basque, Spanish and international artists who will present their work in eleven galleries.
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Bilbao, con mucho arte!

Bilbao organizes the third edition of “Arts Weekend,” which will be held on May 15-16 with an ambitious cultural and leisure program designed for all ages. Read more

Bilbao inaugura temporada de Arte

It’s time for art in Bilbao. Bilbao receives autumn with a cultural programme intended to awaken and feel the passion for art. Twelve galleries, museums and art galleries in the city together will present their exhibitions for this season, including over twenty works by Basque, national and international artists. Read more

El arte invade las calles de Bilbao: “Fin de Semana de las Artes”, 2 y 3 de Mayo 2014

For the second year in a row, Bilbao Art District organize this event trying to promote culture as a social and economic motor for the city, as well as offering locals and visitors the opportunity to enjoy two days full of art and entertainment. Read more

Bilbao Art District estrena camiseta

An International Contest, organized by Bilbao Ekintza and T- festa platform , will choose the official shirt of Bilbao Art District 2014. Read more