Bilbao BBK Live has dates and tickets on sale for 2016

After the success of the festivals tenth edition, with yet another consecutive ‘sold out’, Bilbao BBK Live is pleased to announce dates for its next edition: These will be the 7th, 8th and 9th of July at Kobetamendi, Bilbao. Read more

European Project Video for All: the use of video as a tool for language learning

On September 27-30, the team of international experts working in the European project Video for All (Video for all) will meet in Bilbao. This is an innovative initiative funded by the European Union aimed at providing material and information to language teachers on novel, innovative and current methodologies in which the video serves as the main resource to promote a more attractive, enjoyable and motivating teaching.
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(Español) La Muestra de POP-ROCK LOCAL de Aste Nagusia Cumple 30 Años

(Español) La Sala Bilborock acogerá un año más la muestra de “Pop-Rock Local” de Aste Nagusia 2015, que alcanza su XXX edición. Cada día, del 22 al 29 de agosto se celebrarán dos conciertos, el primero a partir de las 20:00 horas y el siguiente una hora más tarde, a las 21:00. Read more

The second edition of Sail in Festival will turn Bilbao into the world centre of sailing

From September 3 to 6 and for the second year in a row, Bilbao will become a global centre of sailing, a meeting point for a broad range of boaters, sailors, adventurers, journalists and sea lovers, and with the best international content on sailing.
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About 200 players will play the Iberoamerican Chess Championship in Bilbao

Although a sporting event, representatives of the two publicsponsoring institutions have also stressed the importance of the international promotion and the economic return that events of this nature provide to the image and income accounts of businesses in Bilbao linked to the tourism sector. Read more

Bilbao will host the largest European conference on Python

From July 20 to 26 EuroPython meeting will be held in Bilbao, a congress focused on the Python programming language, which will include lectures, workshops and specific training sessions for people interested in venture into the world of programming. Read more

Bilbao BBK Live festival gets consolidated as the engine of economic activity with an impact of more than 20 million euros

Bilbao BBK Live Festival has got established as a driver of economic activity in the city and the territory, generating an impact of 20,775,793 euros, a record high, which coincides with the celebration of the tenth edition of the great musical event of Kobetamendi, which for the second year in a row, has sold out. Read more

XIX Bizkaiko Paracycling Bira will bring together the elite of Paralympic cycling on July 18 and 19

Bilbao City Council reaffirms its commitment to support adapted sports and the inclusion of people with disabilities so they can enjoy sport and get the benefits it has for the physical and psychological health. The collaboration of institutions with athletes, organizations and groups is essential to break down those barriers they face daily. Read more

Bilbao elegida sede organizadora del próximo Campeonato Iberoamericano de Ajedrez

With her nomination, Bilbao consolidates its status as one of the capitals of world chess. This year, Bilbao Chess 2015 will coincide on the same dates and stage with theVIII Masters Final and the VI Individual Ibero Chess Championship. Read more

Bilbao BBK Live celebrates its tenth anniversary with the largest edition of its history and with few incidents

The festival says goodbye with an excellent taste and with an eye to the issue next year, in which they will work to continue maintaining the on-site facilities in top condition and offering a bill to maintain the remarkable artistic quality of previous editions. Read more