UPV/EHU Mining, Civil and Industrial Technical Engineering Schools Building in Bilbao

Due to the university’s request and to its strategic location within the city, it is intended for this new building, which houses the Mining, Civil and Industrial Technical Engineering Schools, to become an architectonic reference thanks to its image by introducing a modern, quality design in line with the Institution it represents. Read more

Renewal jobs at Mercado de la Ribera

After more than three years of work, the Mercado de la Ribera has been completely renovated. The works have been carried out in two major stages in order to reconcile the works with the trading activity. Initially, work began on the wing next to San Anton Bridge, and in a second phase works have been done on the wing of La Merced. Read more

Bilbao Police Department, Fire Training Department and Social Matters Department Headquarters

The modern, 15,000 sq. m. building, with groundbreaking design throughout its exceptional infrastructure, house the headquarters for Public Security and Civil Protection. This last edifice is work of Juan COLL-BARREAU architectural firm, also responsible for the design of the Basque Health Service Building in the Ensanche district of Bilbao. Read more

MQ Zorrotzaurre Hospital

Zorrotzaurre’s skyline can already boast its first architectural landmark: the IMQ private health building is home to the largest private health clinic in Euskadi. Occupying an area of 9,000 sq. m., the new centre has rooms for 210 hospital beds, an Intensive Care Unit with 12 boxes and 10 intelligent operating theatres, and a car park for 340 vehicles. Read more

Torre Iberdrola

Elegant and sustainable. This is how the prestigious architect Cesar Pelli describes Torre Iberdrola. At 165 metres high, 41 floors, 485 parking spaces and 50,000 sqm of above ground space, Torre Iberdrola has an eye-catching design in the form of a triangular prism with gently tapering curves reaching up towards the sky, not unlike a great glass obelisk. Read more