Restaurante Azurmendi

The Azurmendi restaurant that has been awarded with the third Michelin star this year, is located in a privileged enclave in Biscay (Larrabetzu), only ten minutes away from Bilbao and surrounded by green countryside. Read more

Restaurante Mina

Mina is a gastronomic restaurant located in the heart of Bilbao. It is located near the river and arrive there is a peatonal path. From the Windows we can see The Ribera market which has been restored recently and San Anton bridge. Only eight tables for twenty five to thirty customers, which be able to ask to take care of details to make them more confortable. Read more

RESTAURANTE NERUA, Museo Guggenheim Bilbao

Aristotle once said that excellence is not an act, but a habit. A habit which the Nerua team have known how to incorporate and aim for ever since the birth of the restaurant. At Nerua, the best gastronomy is served in one of the most aesthetically attractive places in the world so that diners enjoy an unforgettable experience. A delight for all five senses. Read more

Restaurante Etxanobe

Etxanobe is a different way of understanding the “Art of Cooking”. Fernando Canales, owner and chef, runs this restaurant since it opened in 1999. The restaurant is situated on the top floor of a very special building in the centre of Bilbao. Overlooking the river and the modern buildings, both the light and the situation create an enchanting atmosphere. Read more

Restaurante Zortziko

Everything was dark and no lights, no vision is transformed into light in a bright future in making illusions and reality and see projects to give birth to a Bilbao has managed to transform and rise from the ashes like a phoenix . Hoy a Zortziko se le conoce por sus meritos en los Cinco Continentes. Zortziko today is known for his merits in the five continents. Read more