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Japanese entrepreneurs, academics and architects find out about the transformation of Bilbao

Bilbao has been chosen by the association Hasekura 2.0 (Barcelona-based association that seeks to publicize innovative projects arising in different parts of China and create new business opportunities between the two countries) and JEUPISTE (Japan-EU network to promote bilateral dialogue on science, technology and innovation) as an example of creative city, within the knowledge-sharing initiatives carried out so that businessmen, academics and institutional leaders from Japan find out about the main examples of transformation that are being carried out in the world.

The mission that has visited the city today have walked the post-industrial Bilbao, new urban areas and the impact of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao as a tractor element of tourism and cultural sector.

The mission organized by Hasekura 2.0 have also found out about the “Bilbao Txokoak” initiative, a competition for citizen participation in the design of the city, which aims to open the planning discipline to other areas of knowledge, science and the arts while ten significant sites of the city recover thanks to the proposals made by participants.