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Since its foundation in 1886 by the Jesuits, the University of Deusto has been a pioneer on the academic scene in Spain, striving to respond to the professional and personal needs of its students.

Deusto Business School founded in 1916, was the first and only business school for nearly 50 years in Spain and has provided education to key political and economic leaders.

The University has always granted fundamental importance to its international projection and currently leads numerous international academic projects which host nearly 1,500 foreign students every year, accounting for 15% of Deusto’s student body and coming from 103 different countries. Every year, nearly 300 students come from Latin America alone, where Spanish is the native language.

University of Deusto

Striving to assume its position as a leading institution in the future of higher education on the global scene, the University of Deusto received recognition from the Ministries of Education and Science and Innovation in 2009 for its promising project: Deusto Campus Mundus 2015 for International Excellence. This project looks to position Deusto among the top European and international universities, reinforcing our profile as a reference for the teaching-learning model based on competences and values and broadening our scope as a center for research, development and innovation in the field of social sciences.

For the 2010-2011 academic year, the University of Deusto offers a total of 22 Bachelor’s degrees, 33 Master’s degrees (official Spanish diploma), 7 of which are Erasmus Mundus, 31 Deusto Master’s degrees and 10 PhD programs. The two campuses, located in Bilbao and San Sebastian, have six faculties: Law, Economics and Business Administration, Psychology and Education, Social and Human Sciences, Engineering and Theology.

University of Deusto is located in the north of Spain in an area known as “Green Spain” because of its vibrant green countryside. The area is also well known for its old traditions, active cultural program, and excellent cuisine.

Now over 120 years old, one campus is located in the center of today’s modern cosmopolitan city of Bilbao. The University took its name from the neighborhood of Deusto in Bilbao, where the oldest campus is located. In November of 2002, this building was declared a historical monument by the Basque Government. The university enjoys a privileged location opposite the Guggenheim Museum, the Euskalduna Performing Arts Centre, the Iberdrola Tower and other outstanding infrastructures which make up the new Bilbao.

Deusto Library

The university has contributed to Bilbao’s avant garde architecture with its Library-CRAI. Open in January 2009, the CRAI (Resource Centre for Learning and Research), with a million volumes in its collection, has become a key feature for the Deusto Training Model. The library resources are housed in an avant garde building designed by the prestigious architect Rafael Moneo, beside the Guggenheim Museum. Its 22,275 square meters are spread out over 10 floors, five of which are underground. Deusto students have reading rooms with 1,000 study points in the CRAI where they can directly access part of the library’s collection (200,000 volumes) and other reference material, a wide selection of periodicals and computer terminals to consult databases, electronic journals, etc. This magnificent building devoted to knowledge and innovation has a special area reserved for the priceless antique book collection and a media room. The new library offers much more, such as offices for individual work, group study rooms, a multiple use room and a coffee shop where you can take a break. A wireless network allows students to contact their professors for advice and supervision.

The San Sebastian campus, located on the Paseo of Mundaiz , on the banks of the River Urumea and in the area surrounding the Cristina-Enea park, constitutes a 32,000 square meters university complex, fully integrated with the city of San Sebastian. Built, planned and supervised by architect Miguel Oriol in 1963, it combines an avant-garde design and a singular architecture. In addition, it has extensive green areas and an arboretum with nearly 500 species from around the world.

Univ. Deusto - Orkestra

A five-floor building completed the initial project of the campus in 1998. In addition, the construction of the Technology Building, the Library and the headquarters of the Basque Institute of Competitiveness-Orkestra in 2005 provided this campus with new facilities and equipment to respond to the technological challenges of the new era. In summer 2008, the construction of several buildings was started: Deusto Business School (DBS), a Classroom Building and a Centre for Entrepreneurship, which increased the campus area by 9,700 square meters.

University of Deusto also offers other university services to its students among which are:

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