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Representatives of the Governments of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan have visited Bilbao, accompanied by members of the Asian Development Bank

Representatives of the governments of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, as well as responsible people of the Asian Development Bank, have visited Bilbao to know the flagship projects of the transformation and urban development process experienced by the city in the past three decades.

The more than 20 people who form the Asian delegation will tour the city, visiting the most representative spaces and services in Bilbao. A visit to the Guggenheim Museum will end the agenda of the delegates in Bilbao.

Among the representatives of the government of Kyrgyzstan are the adviser to Prime Minister Toktomatov Nurmambet, and senior officials from the Ministries of Economy and Agriculture. The delegation of the Asian Development Bank is headed by the director of Regional Cooperation, Tan Vicky Castillo Lim. His visit to Bilbao is sponsored by Metropolis Foundation.