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Founded with the intention of recovering the art of eating well, this association emphasises the use of locally produced food, to guarantee maximum quality and economic sustainability of responsible production.

Learn about Slow Food Products and Producers as well as a novel initiative by this association, the so-called "Km 0 network".


Star Restaurants

Check out our list of the finest restaurants in Bilbao and Bizkaia, and learn about their philosophy and seasonal dishes.

These haute cuisine restaurants awarded with Michelin guide stars will evince quality, creativity and attention to detail in very bite of their sumptuous dishes.


Gastronomic Guide

You'll always find great places to eat and drink in Bilbao.

Use the guide in this section to delight in Bilbao's best creative restaurants, traditional meals, set menus, gourmet food shops, bars, etc.



Since 1997, the city's best pintxo venues compete for top prize in the annual "Pintxo Bar Contest – Bilbao Bizkaia - Pintxo Txapelketa".

This section will both delight you and show you how to make any one of a wide range of Bilbao's prize-winning Pintxos, a mouthwatering bite-sized version of haute cuisine.


Our wines

Wine has always played a leading role in day to day life in Bilbao.

Thus it is no mystery that the city promotes both txakoli from Bizkaia and Rioja wine, as part of a global network of eight big cities within internationally known wine-growing regions.



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Restaurant Chefs (100 mile-diet and Slow Food members)

The Slow Food philosophy originated in Italy with the idea of recovering an appreciation for good food. Food from local producers is given priority, to ensure top quality and the economic sustainability of responsible production. Slow Food is a bid for our future! The restaurants featuring in this guide all have at least 5 “100-mile diet” and 5 Slow Food products on their menus.

Criteria for earning the title of “100-mile diet” dishes:

1. 40% of the ingredients, including the main ingredient, must be purchased directly from a local producer located within 100 miles (100 kilometres, in this case) of the restaurant.
2. The ingredients are either Ark of Taste or Slow Food Presidio products. Otherwise, they must have organic certification.
3. Fish must be caught sustainably by coastal or estuary fishing and sold in fish markets close to the restaurants.
4. No foods obtained from transgenics must be used.

Restaurant Chefs

Eneko ATXA

Eneko Atxa

Azurmendi Restaurant
Legina Auzoa
48195 Larrabetzu (Biscay)
Tel: 94 455 88 66
Fax: 94 455 88 60

Kalaka Restaurant
Lersundi, 5
48009 Bilbao
Tel. 944 235 695

AZPI GORRI on wild asparagus dust


Aitor Basabe

Arbolagaña Restaurant
Conde Arteche Av.
(Bellas Artes Bilbao Museum)
48011 Bilbao
Tel: 94 442 46 57
Fax: 94 442 46 57

ARTOZKO, bioletazko eta belarrezko apatza (MUNGIAKO TALOA)


Aitor Elizegi

Gaminiz Restaurant
Ibaizabal 212, Technologic Park
48170 Zamudio (Biscay)
Tel: 94 431 70 25
Fax: 94 431 70 25

MAHATS-BILKETA BERANTIARREKO lingotea urreapurrekineta gerezi-izozkiarekin


Guillermo Fernández

Baita Gaminiz Restaurant
Alameda de Mazarredo, 20
48009 Bilbao
Tel: 94 424 22 67

Tomato bruschetta with EUSKAL TXERRIA COLD MEAT