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Bilbao-Bizkaia Be Basque acude por primera vez al Matka Helsinki, la gran feria turística del norte de Europa

Bizkaia Provincial Council and Bilbao City Council will go this year, for the first time, to “Matka Helsinki”, the major tourism fair in northern Europe which, between Thursday January 15 and Sunday 18, will gather tens of thousands people in the capital of Finland. Read more

Cerca de 10.000 personas disfrutaron del espectáculo visual en 3D -Be Basque Experience-

People of different ages and origins have enjoyed the transformation of the new brand “Bilbao Bizkaia Be Basque” on a three-dimensional screen on which real and virtual images of the city and the Province have been projected. Read more

El Diputado General y el Alcalde de Bilbao presentan oficialmente la nueva marca: Bilbao Bizkaia, Be Basque

The General Deputy and the Mayor of Bilbao have launched the new brand that will represent the city and the region, after completion of the process to integrate the logo and slogan selected through the Bilbao Bizkaia Branding International Competition. This brand will be used for the first time in FITUR, the second largest fair in the field of tourism in the world, to be held from 30 January to 3 February. Read more