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Countdown to the 2016 Junior Badminton World Championship

The “countdown” to the celebration of the 2016 Junior Badminton World Championship in Bilbao has begun. The City Council has approved today, in the Governing Board, the Framework Agreement for Cooperation between the council and the Spanish Federation of Badminton, a prerequisite for starting the necessary preparations to build a sports event with international projection , to be held in Bilbao in October and November 2016. Read more

Bilbao, sede oficial del Campeonato del Mundo Junior de Badminton 2016

Bilbao has been chosen official venue of the Badminton Junior World Championship 2016 today in the Chinese city of Dongguan. The competition will take place at Bilbao Arena in October and November next year. This appointment supports the commitment of Bilbao City Council, the Provincial Council of Bizkaia and the Basque Government for the great sporting events as a driver of economic activity and dynamism in the city, the province and the Basque Country. Read more

Máximas figuras de la gimnasia rítmica participarán el 9 de noviembre en la octava edición de Euskalgym

Next Saturday November 9, from 5 pm, Bilbao will host a new edition of the Rhythmic Gymnastics International Gala, Euskalgym, that will gather the top names of Rhythmic Gymnastics in Bilbao Arena. Among these names will be olympic medallists and world and continental champions. Read more

Bilbao Arena will host the top matches of Bilbao International Open of the World Paddle Tour

Since last Monday, September 9th and until the 15th, Bilbao Arena Sports Hall and Paddle & Gol club are hosting the “Bilbao International Open” tournament, the twelfth test of the World Paddle Tour, an international event that will bring leading world players together such as Paul Lima and other representatives of a sport which is increasing its followers day by days, as Bilbao-born Andoni Bardasco and Jaime Bergareche. Read more

Bilbao Arena acoge el musical Peter Pan on ice

(Español) Una veintena de patinadores y cantantes, entre los que figura la campeona olímpica rusa Oksana Kazakova, darán vida a los personajes creados por el novelista inglés James M. Barrie. El recinto deportivo de Miribilla vuelve a demostrar su carácter de edificio multiusos y se transformará durante tres días en un espectacular teatro, con capacidad para 3.500 espectadores. Read more