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Bilbao becomes the World Capital of Culture between March 18-20

In the coming days Bilbao will turn into the World Capital of Culture in the hand of the United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG). Between March 18-20 AlhóndigaBilbao will host the first ‘Summit of Culture’ of UCLG, an unprecedented event internationally to promote knowledge sharing and networking of cities and local governments, based on good practices and sustainable development, and where cities, civil society and international organizations will meet. Read more

Una delegación de la región chilena de Biobío visita Bilbao para conocer su proceso de transformación urbana a través de la cultura

The purpose of this visit is to see first hand the influence of the momentum of the cultural policy in the regeneration of the neighborhouds, and the impact of cultural events in the revitalization of the city. To do this, they will visit the main spaces and cultural activities in Bilbao. Read more

Bilbao es elegida como sede de la primera cumbre de la cultura de CGLU 2015

Bilbao has been chosen host city for the first CGLU 2015 Culture Summit during the meeting of the CGLU Executive Bureau held in Liverpool. Read more

“basque FEST” llena Bilbao de vida, planes y turistas en Semana Santa

More than 150 plans and proposals for all tastes have transformed the city in an appealing destination to enjoy a city break during the holidays, in which traditional processions and brothers’ fervour have lived together with the “basque FEST 2014″ and have made Bilbao a must at Easter time. Read more

El Ayuntamiento de Bilbao participa en una conferencia europea sobre cultura y creatividad como motores de futuro

Bilbao City Council has taken part in the Eurpean conference “Culture and Creativity: regions and cities in Europe make a difference” this morning at Brussels. The conference has been organized by the EU’s Committee of the Regions to share and promote successful examples of the cultural and creative sectors related to local development. Read more