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The Mayor of Bilbao welcomes a business and institutional delegation led by the ambassador of Denmark

The Mayor of Bilbao has received this morning at the City Hall the new Danish Ambassador John Nielsen, who has come to the meeting with a delegation of directors and representatives of Danish companies with economic interests in the Basque Country and the State, who are visiting Bilbao to find out about its process of urban transformation and strategies in the field of economy, transport and quality of life.
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Delegations from China, Great Britain, South Korea and Denmark are visiting Bilbao this week

Delegations from China, Great Britain, South Korea and Denmark, interested in the experience of Bilbao in several areas such as health, architecture and urban regeneration, are visiting the city this week. Bilbao’s transformation continues to be attractive internationally and is demonstrated by the fifty delegates from these countries participating in these visits.
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Arquitectos daneses visitan Bilbao, interesados en el proceso de transformación y desarrollo urbano de la villa

The process of transformation and urban development undergone by Bilbao over the last three decades is the reason for a delegation of 20 people visiting Bilbao until Sunday: Danish architects, builders and landscapers of the architectural firm Aarstiderne Arkitekter.
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