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Delegations from China, Great Britain, South Korea and Denmark are visiting Bilbao this week

Delegations from China, Great Britain, South Korea and Denmark, interested in the experience of Bilbao in several areas such as health, architecture and urban regeneration, are visiting the city this week. Bilbao’s transformation continues to be attractive internationally and is demonstrated by the fifty delegates from these countries participating in these visits.
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Two delegations from China and South Korea are visiting Bilbao to know its model of urban and cultural development

Two delegations from South Korea and China are visiting our city to learn its strategies for urban renewal and its architecture, as well as the initiatives taken by Bilbao City Council to promote public-private partnerships in the regeneration process. Read more

Bilbao ha recibido hoy sendas delegaciones de Croacia, Georgia, Azerbaiyan y el Banco Mundial

Delegations from Croatia, Georgia, Azerbaijan and the World Bank have visited Bilbao today to learn about the urban transformation of the city and strengthen institutional ties between the the City Council and the countries listed. The four delegations consist of a total of 23 people from different ministries and agencies related to urban development and the environment. Read more