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Bilbao's commitment to artistic expression is intimately tied to the shift in the model of urban and economic development.

Not only is the Guggenheim Museum able to attract the most sophisticated contemporary art shows, but both the Fine Arts Museum and Bilbao Arte Foundation have also displayed a spectacular renewal, promoting programmes to produce and disseminate art of all types.


Art in the street

Wandering around Bilbao, one can enjoy works by artists who let their imagination fly, turning the city into a veritable open air museum.

Such artists as: Salvador DALI, Eduardo CHILLIDA, Jorge OTEIZA, Miquel NAVARRO, Manolo VALDES, Jeef KOONS, Louise BORGOISE, Vicente LARREA, and many more, offer a fresh and novel perspective to a number of sites around the city.


Urban Equipment

This section covers urban elements such as benches, litter bins, tree grates, street lights, bollards, bus-stops, signage, and so on.

Discover the city's identifiers, which more often than not go unnoticed.



The concept of design is so wide and varied that sometimes the boundary between art and other artistic disciplines becomes very thin, or even non-existent.

With design as its leitmotiv, this section is intended to be a hodgepodge of topics.


Bilbao Art District

Bilbao Art District is born, a joint initiative of the galleries, museums and art major agents of the city, with the participation, support and cooperation of the City of Bilbao and the Provincial Council of Biscay.


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Los centros municipales de Bilbao acogen las nuevas exposiciones itinerantes del programa Expodistrito

(Español) El programa para estos últimos meses del año arrancará esta primera quincena de septiembre, con tres muestras de pintura, una exposición fotográfica colectiva centrada en los ocho distritos de la Villa y una propuesta sobre grabado, del 1 al 15 de septiembre, en los centros de Otxarkoaga, Begoña, San Frantzisko, Castaños y Abando – Barrainkua. Read more

El realismo de José Ramón Muro llega al Museo de Reproducciones de Bilbao

The realistic painting of José Ramón Muro Pereg comes to the Museum of Artistic Reproductions of Bilbao. The exhibition, which will start this Saturday, March 8 at 11 am, will be open on the second floor of the museum until April 21. Read more

Siete muestras de pintura, escultura y fotografía en una nueva edición de Expodistrito

Expodistrito is a programme by the Department of Culture and Education of Bilbao City Council whose aim is to decentralize the artistic expressions of the city and show the work of new artists as well as be a showcase for other already established artists. As usual, the exhibitions will move through these eight Local Centres. Read more

Los centros municipales de Bilbao acogerán hasta mediados de abril una nueva edición de “Expodistrito” con cuatro muestras de pintura y fotografía

“Expodistrito” is a program launched by the Culture and Education Department of Bilbao City Council every year with the aim of decentralizing the artistic expressions of the villa and introducing the public with the work of new artists, as well as serving as a showcase to other consummate artists. Read more

Los Centros Municipales de Bilbao acogerán siete nuevas exposiciones dentro del programa Expodistrito

(Español) El programa Expodistrito es una iniciativa del Área de Cultura y Educación, que pretende descentralizar las manifestaciones artísticas de la Villa y presentar al público el trabajo de artistas noveles, así como servir de escaparate a otros ya consagrados. Read more