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Una delegación de la ciudad búlgara de Gabrovo conoce la estrategia municipal de Bilbao en promoción cultural

The Director of Culture and Tourism of the Bulgarian town of Gabrovo, accompanied by representatives of the creative cluster of Gabrovo, will visit Bilbao on July 20, 21 and 22, in order to meet the municipal strategy on culture and major cultural facilities in the city. Read more

La Diputación de Bizkaia y el Ayuntamiento de Bilbao refuerzan la promoción turística de Bilbao-Bizkaia en Europa, América y China

Bizkaia Provincial Council and Bilbao City Council are going to stregthen the city and the province tourist promotion in 2015 among the foreign markets of incoming tourists, both the traditional European and American ones, in which works were already being carried out, and the Nordic markets, emergent economies and the cities recently connected by air links. Read more

Bilbao Chess 2014 has been presented at the Chess Olympic Games which is being held in Norway

Bilbao Chess 2014, the name grouping the simultaneous holding of the European Champion Clubs Cup and the final of the Grand Slam Masters, has been presented this morning in Tromsø, the Norwegian city in which the Chess Olympic Games for national teams is being played during the first half of August. . Read more

Bilbao launches its tourist proposal at Bolonia

Bilbao Tourism will take part, May 21-25, in the promotional campaign “La Spagna a Bologna”, promoted by the Spanish Tourist Office in Milan. The leaders of the Bilbao Tourist Office will travel with a clear objective: to capture the attention of the Italian public, this time in the region of Emilia Romagna, and placing Bilbao as a destination for this summer. Read more

El Área de Salud y Consumo promueve el consumo de la antxoa del Golfo de Bizkaia

Coinciding with the start of anchovy coastal fishing in the Bay of Biscay, the Department of Health and Consumer Affairs of Bilbao City Council has recalled the benefits of eating this seasonal oily fish in a ceremony held at La Ribera Market today. Read more