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Una delegación de la ciudad sueca de Malmö visita Bilbao para conocer las estrategias del Ayuntamiento en Acción Social

The City of Malmö is very interested in knowing the strategies developed by the Bilbao Consistory in municipal politics on social action programs to fight domestic violence and the politics of local housing. The transformation process that has led Bilbao to become an international benchmark in urban planning will also be exposed to the Swedish delegates. Read more

Investigadores de Corea del Sur visitan Bilbao para conocer su proceso de transformación

Korean representatives have been particularly interested in the role played by Bilbao Metropoli 30 in the transformation process and the public-private partnership to carry out the urban, economic, cultural and social change in Bilbao. Read more

Una delegación de Barranquilla recorrerá hoy los lugares y edificios emblemáticos de la renovación urbana de Bilbao

The urban transformation of Bilbao and her commitment to innovative architecture is the centrepiece of the visit of a delegation from Barranquilla (Colombia) City Council, who are in Bilbao today. The delegates, led by Raul Lacouture, Treasury Secretary mayor of Barranquilla, this afternoon will tour the most significante places of the renewal of the city and the most representative buildings of the new Bilbao. Read more

Bilbao expone en la India su modelo de transformación urbana

Bilbao explains her model of urban transformation in India in front of a select audience of architects, planners and politicians involved in the urban development of the Asian country, as part of the seminar “Urban Experiences: Bilbao & Delhi” organized by Shiv Nadar University in collaboration with the India International Centre. Read more

Dos delegaciones argentinas visitan Bilbao para conocer su transformación y estrategias de promoción empresarial y turística

Bilbao transformation continuesarousing the interest of other cities in the world, which want to learn about its development model. On this occasion, two delegations from Argentine towns of Rosario and Mar del Plata are visiting the city to meet its urban renewal model, its road and mobility solutions and initiatives of Bilbao City Council to promote tourism and support SMEs and local trade. Read more