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Founded with the intention of recovering the art of eating well, this association emphasises the use of locally produced food, to guarantee maximum quality and economic sustainability of responsible production.

Learn about Slow Food Products and Producers as well as a novel initiative by this association, the so-called "Km 0 network".


Star Restaurants

Check out our list of the finest restaurants in Bilbao and Bizkaia, and learn about their philosophy and seasonal dishes.

These haute cuisine restaurants awarded with Michelin guide stars will evince quality, creativity and attention to detail in very bite of their sumptuous dishes.


Restaurants Guide

Many visitors’ best memory of Bilbao is to do with the moments of pure delight that they enjoy when they linger over a meal at one of the city’s restaurants. Not only is it the opportunity to try the famous Basque cuisine, but you can also discover the many different facets that make up the gastronomy of the Basque Country.



Since 1997, the city's best pintxo venues compete for top prize in the annual "Pintxo Bar Contest – Bilbao Bizkaia - Pintxo Txapelketa".

This section will both delight you and show you how to make any one of a wide range of Bilbao's prize-winning Pintxos, a mouthwatering bite-sized version of haute cuisine.


Our wines

Wine has always played a leading role in day to day life in Bilbao.

Thus it is no mystery that the city promotes both txakoli from Bizkaia and Rioja wine, as part of a global network of eight big cities within internationally known wine-growing regions.


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Basque Fest Gourmet, producto y gastronomía vasca

Basque cuisine is one of the undisputed stars of the “basque FEST” festival. Year after year, the Gourmet programming is increasing with new activities and proposals to promote and add value to the quality product and Basque cuisine. Read more

Cientos de personas se interesan por la oferta turística de Bilbao-Bizkaia en la Feria ITB de Berlín

Hundreds of people have been interested in the tourist offer that, for the second year in a row, Bilbao-Bizkaia has moved to the German capital. Until Sunday, March 8, Berlin hosted ITB Fair, which turns the city into the world capital of tourism. Read more

La oferta turística de Bilbao-Bizkaia estará presente por segundo año consecutivo en la ITB de Berlín

ITB Berlin is an excellent opportunity to attract both tourists and private sector companies and pursue the goal of further increasing foreign inflows. Because foreign source markets have been, precisely the ones that underpinned the growth of tourism in Bilbao-Bizkaia over the last ten years. Actually, the inflow of foreign visitors into our Territory has increased by 117.5% in this period and overnight stays by 97.4%. Read more

Dos delegaciones argentinas visitan Bilbao para conocer su transformación y estrategias de promoción empresarial y turística

Bilbao transformation continuesarousing the interest of other cities in the world, which want to learn about its development model. On this occasion, two delegations from Argentine towns of Rosario and Mar del Plata are visiting the city to meet its urban renewal model, its road and mobility solutions and initiatives of Bilbao City Council to promote tourism and support SMEs and local trade. Read more

Bilbao refuerza su atractivo internacional en 2014

Last year’s tourism balance has placed the capital city of Bizkaia as a leisure and business destination, in which the international tourism profile gains more ground, with 307,584 entries, representing an increase of 3.57% over 2013. Besides, 2014 marks a new record of overnight stays. Last year, 1,443,407 were recorded in city’s accommodations. Read more