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Dos delegaciones argentinas visitan Bilbao para conocer su transformación y estrategias de promoción empresarial y turística

Bilbao transformation continuesarousing the interest of other cities in the world, which want to learn about its development model. On this occasion, two delegations from Argentine towns of Rosario and Mar del Plata are visiting the city to meet its urban renewal model, its road and mobility solutions and initiatives of Bilbao City Council to promote tourism and support SMEs and local trade. Read more

Bilbao refuerza su atractivo internacional en 2014

Last year’s tourism balance has placed the capital city of Bizkaia as a leisure and business destination, in which the international tourism profile gains more ground, with 307,584 entries, representing an increase of 3.57% over 2013. Besides, 2014 marks a new record of overnight stays. Last year, 1,443,407 were recorded in city’s accommodations. Read more

Bilbao Bizkaia acude a FITUR con el festival Basque Fest y la final de saltos de Red Bull Cliff Diving World como grandes reclamos

Bilbao-Bizkaia go to their annual meeting with FITUR, the second largest fair in the world in tourism . From January 28 to February 1 Bizkaia Provincial Council and Bilbao City Council will share a modern stand with the Basque Government where they will promote “Bilbao-Bizkaia, be basque” strategy and brand. Read more

Bilbao-Bizkaia Be Basque acude por primera vez al Matka Helsinki, la gran feria turística del norte de Europa

Bizkaia Provincial Council and Bilbao City Council will go this year, for the first time, to “Matka Helsinki”, the major tourism fair in northern Europe which, between Thursday January 15 and Sunday 18, will gather tens of thousands people in the capital of Finland. Read more

La Diputación de Bizkaia y el Ayuntamiento de Bilbao refuerzan la promoción turística de Bilbao-Bizkaia en Europa, América y China

Bizkaia Provincial Council and Bilbao City Council are going to stregthen the city and the province tourist promotion in 2015 among the foreign markets of incoming tourists, both the traditional European and American ones, in which works were already being carried out, and the Nordic markets, emergent economies and the cities recently connected by air links. Read more