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Countdown to the 2016 Junior Badminton World Championship

The “countdown” to the celebration of the 2016 Junior Badminton World Championship in Bilbao has begun. The City Council has approved today, in the Governing Board, the Framework Agreement for Cooperation between the council and the Spanish Federation of Badminton, a prerequisite for starting the necessary preparations to build a sports event with international projection , to be held in Bilbao in October and November 2016. Read more

Bilbao-Bizkaia ya tiene sus mejores “pintxos” 2015

A total of 59 catering establishments of Bilbao-Bizkaia took part in the seventeenth edition of the Bilbao-Bizkaia Pintxo Competition 2015, which has been held in the city and the territory between June 4 – 7, and 11 – 14 . Read more

Passion for pintxos (tapas)

Bilbao and Bizkaia present the XVII edition of the Pintxo Competition 2015, a unique opportunity to taste quality cuisine that combines tradition and innovation. Enrollment is now open until May 10. The tasting phase will be held June 4-7 and 11-14, 2015, from 12.30 pm to 3 pm and from 7 pm to 8.30 pm. Read more

Bilbao-Bizkaia 2013 Txapelketa Pintxo Bar Contest

An overwhelming success. This is the assessment made by both the Bilbao City Council and Bizkaia Provincial Council on the quality of participants in the Pintxos Contest – Pintxo Txapelketa 2013. Another year, this contest has brought together, in a single event, the best miniature kitchen and professionalism in the catering industry. Read more

Bilbao-Bizkaia 2010 Txapelketa Pintxo Bar Contest

The Bilbao-Bizkaia Txapelketa Pintxo Bar Contest has been held since 1997 as part of an initiative to promote bar top hospitality, turning into a fun food activity for all, to sample, savour and be seduced by. Read more