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Delegations from China, Great Britain, South Korea and Denmark are visiting Bilbao this week

Delegations from China, Great Britain, South Korea and Denmark, interested in the experience of Bilbao in several areas such as health, architecture and urban regeneration, are visiting the city this week. Bilbao’s transformation continues to be attractive internationally and is demonstrated by the fifty delegates from these countries participating in these visits.
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Última visita guiada a instituciones históricas de la Anteiglesia de Abando, con un paseo por el Hospital de Basurto

The University Hospital of Basurto, before “Sacred Civil Hospital of Bilbao”, was an icon of modernity in its time. Because it was built following criteria of safety, divided by wards, so that each one could accommodate patients from each specialty. Read more

Nuevas visitas guiadas gratuitas a algunos edificios singulares de Bilbao

The Santa y Real Casa de Misericordia (Senior Citizens’ Home) will be the star of the tours in May. It is an institution that is closely linked to our city. For example, there will be a visit to its chapel, where the nicknime ‘lions’ was born to refer to the Athletic Club players, and also a visit to its romantic gardens. Read more

El área de Cultura y Educación reanuda el programa de visitas guiadas a edificios singulares de la villa, centradas en esta cuarta edición en tres conventos

The Department of Culture and Education of Bilbao City Council will resume the guided tours to landmark buildings of the City in early May, an initiative that is part of the outreach of Bilbao IZAN heritage program. The activity that was launched in 2010, will now focus on three convents of the city. Read more

Se reanuda el programa de visitas guiadas a Edificios Singulares del Primer Ensanche de Bilbao con la Sociedad Bilbaína

(Español) Las visitas, en euskera y castellano, se prolongarán hasta el 1 de octubre y tendrán lugar de lunes a jueves de 11.00 a 12.30 horas, y los viernes y sábados en dos sesiones, de 9.30 a 11.00 horas y de 11.15 a 12.45 horas. Read more