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La cumbre de CGLU culmina con la aprobación del “Cultura 21: acciones. Compromisos sobre el papel de la cultura en las ciudades sostenibles”

The World Cities Culture Summit, organized by the Global Network of Cities, Local and Regional Governments (UCLG) culminates with the approval of the document “Culture 21: Actions. Commitments on the role of culture in sustainable cities “, which aims to establish an international framework with measurable commitments and actions to promote the relationship between citizenship, culture and sustainable development, an emerging field but not consolidated yet, and necessary to respond tothe challenges manking is facing.

The document “Culture 21: Actions” is intended to be a useful implementation at local, national and international goals of the fore-mentioned Universal Development Agenda, as well as the results of the conference on sustainable urbanization Habitat III that UN will hold in Quito (Ecuador) in October 2016.

Starting today, the document “Culture 21: Actions” is available to Mayors, regional and national government, international organizations and urban actors, with the aim of promoting self-evaluation processes that increase knowledge, connectivity and operational capacity of the various parties involved in the field of culture, citizenship and sustainable development.