Última visita guiada a instituciones históricas de la Anteiglesia de Abando, con un paseo por el Hospital de Basurto

The University Hospital of Basurto, before “Sacred Civil Hospital of Bilbao”, was an icon of modernity in its time. Because it was built following criteria of safety, divided by wards, so that each one could accommodate patients from each specialty. Read more

AA Bilbao Visiting School. Computing Topos III Workshop

The AA Visiting Schools are satellite schools that take place in different cities all around the world in partnership with prestigious local institutions. These schools focus on local issues -culture, environment, economy, society- and follow the design methodologies developed at the Architectural Association. Read more

World Stadium Congress in Qatar. Idom, invited to the panel of “experts”

The World Stadium Congress is being held in Qatar on May 20th and 21st. Over 300 experts in the design of sporting infrastructures from around the world will participate. Read more

La exposición: “La Ría y sus puentes”

With this exhibition, the Maritime Museum has wanted to go deeper into the history of these bridges and not only show them as unique architectural pieces of their time, but to give them the value they have as the connection between different districts annexed to Bilbao, as the city needed new spaces to expand and reinvent itself Read more

Ya a la venta el libro Bilbao, Nueva Arquitectura

The architects Francisco J. García de la Torre and I. Bernardo Garcia de la Torre, have just published the book “BILBAO new architecture”, which complements the previously published “BILBAO architecture” which is now in its 2nd edition, within their editorial GT. This book describes 56 projects undertaken in Bilbao within the years 1988 and 2012, including buildings, public spaces and bridges. Read more