FRANK GEHRY colocó la primera piedra del futuro Puente de Zorrotzaurre que llevará su nombre

On Saturday October 25, Mayor Ibon Areso and architect Frank Gehry laid the first stone of the bridge linking the island of Zorrotzaurre with the Bilbao district of Deusto in the future. The author visited the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao after receiving the Prince of Asturias Award for Arts in Oviedo to visit the construction site of the bridge that bears his name. Read more

Viviendas Municipales de Bilbao, finalista en los premios europeos ERHIN a la responsabilidad social en vivienda

Bilbao Municipal Housing has been recognized as a finalist in the awards sponsored by The European Responsible Housing Initiative (ERHIN) for its “Bilbao Municipal Housing for Solidary Youngs” programme. Read more

Más de 300 arquitectos y urbanistas de renombre se reúnen en Bilbao a partir de mañana en el BIA Urban Regeneration Forum

The BIA platform (Bilbao Bizkaia Architecture), dedicated to stimulating architecture and urban planning in the province of Bizkaia, will gather together over 300 architects, urban planners and engineers who, under the ‘Towards Living Cities’ slogan, will discuss the challenges facing the cities of the future. The forum will get underway with a day dedicated to Mexico and end with Norman Foster receiving the I BIA Award on Friday 26th. Read more

El cementerio de Bilbao se abre paso entre los primeros puestos del I Concurso Nacional de Cementerios

The monumental and architectural wealth distinguish Derio Cemetery, and this time, this fact has taken it to a place among the top of the I Spanish cemeteries Contest. Read more

La arquitectura del siglo XXI de Bizkaia se posa en cinco estaciones de metro en Bilbao

The exhibition, entitled “Dialogues: Biscay Architecture of the XXI Century”, aims to portray the landscape of architecture created in the province of Biscay by professionals and local businesses during the early years of this century. Read more