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Bilbao City Council and Bizcay Provincial Council have launched “Bilbao Bizkaia Film Commission”, a forward-looking strategic plan for attracting and managing film shooting

“Bilbao Bizkaia Film Commission” acts as an international “one-stop shop” for local, national and international projects interested in filming in Bilbao and Bizkaia. The producers receive all the information on tax incentives, measures to support production, legal procedures, management of public spaces use, traffic and safety permits, locations and audiovisual industry in a personalized and direct way. Read more

Bilbao, una ciudad de cine: Rodaje de ‘Gernika’

The film, with a budget of six million euros, tells a universal love story that is born in a context of war, in which war correspondents, Russian and German soldiers, civilians and gudaris (Basque nationalist soldiers) coexist . Read more

The XXI edition of FANT will host the premiere of “Wayward Pines” series by director M. Nigth Shyamalan

The week of May 8-15, Bilbao will become the capital of fantastic cinema once again on the occasion of the celebration of the XXI edition of FANT. Bilbao festival will host the premiere of the series “Wayward pin” in collaboration with FOX Spain, starring Matt Dillon and written and directed by filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan, known for films like “Signs” or “Sixth Sense”.
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Thinking Football Film Festival 2015

Thinking Football Film Festival is a film and football festival with a social theme organized by the Athletic Club Foundation and Sala BBK, with the collaboration of the Bilbao City council. The festival will be taking place between the 9th and 14th of February 2015 at Sala BBK, with free admission to all screenings.
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Un total de 123 películas procedentes de 22 países optan a participar en la 7a edición de Bilbao Mendi Film Festival

123 films from 22 countries wish to participate in the 7th edition of BILBAO MENDI FILM FESTIVAL, the International Mountain Film Festival, to be held in Bilbao December 12-21. The organization will soon select the approximately 40 films which will finally compete in the contest officially . Read more