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Countdown to the 2016 Junior Badminton World Championship

The “countdown” to the celebration of the 2016 Junior Badminton World Championship in Bilbao has begun. The City Council has approved today, in the Governing Board, the Framework Agreement for Cooperation between the council and the Spanish Federation of Badminton, a prerequisite for starting the necessary preparations to build a sports event with international projection , to be held in Bilbao in October and November 2016. Read more

Bilbao elegida sede organizadora del próximo Campeonato Iberoamericano de Ajedrez

With her nomination, Bilbao consolidates its status as one of the capitals of world chess. This year, Bilbao Chess 2015 will coincide on the same dates and stage with theVIII Masters Final and the VI Individual Ibero Chess Championship. Read more

Vuelven los mejores pintxos

Bilbao City Council and the Provincial Council of Bizkaia will award three prizes, namely Gold Stick, Silber Stick and Bronze Stick for each of the two categories: Free Pintxo and Pintxo with Ingredient, which in this occassion will be anchovy. The selection criteria are: quality of ingredients, preparation and presentation. In this seventeenth edition, the “Award for Best Pincho Business”, which will also be awarded with the Gold, Silver and Bronze Sticks, remains.
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Comienza la segunda edición del certamen gastronómico Santutxu pintxotan

Following the participation and sales success of its first edition, the bar was very high and involvement has been needed to make a qualitative leap matching the expectations. Read more

Presentados los finalistas del Concurso de Carteles de Carnavales de Bilbao 2015

The six finalist posters will be exhibited at the Terminus Building and in the City Council webpage ( between January 12 and 16 in order to vote for any of them. The winner will be released between January 19 and 23. Read more