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The Mayor of Bilbao welcomes a business and institutional delegation led by the ambassador of Denmark

The Mayor of Bilbao has received this morning at the City Hall the new Danish Ambassador John Nielsen, who has come to the meeting with a delegation of directors and representatives of Danish companies with economic interests in the Basque Country and the State, who are visiting Bilbao to find out about its process of urban transformation and strategies in the field of economy, transport and quality of life.
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A business delegation of the Japanese region of Kansai is visiting Bilbao

Bilbao has been chosen by the association Kansai Productivity Center as an example of creative city, within its program ‘Redesigning business’, which aims that managers and directives of its affiliated companies know some of the main examples of transformation under way in the world.
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Una delegación de la ciudad coreana de Siheung conoce la estrategia de Bilbao en materia cultural y deportiva

Finding out about the cultural and sports policies promoted by the Bilbao City Council and studying the process of transformation of the city, are the two main objectives that the Siheung City Council delegation (South Korea) have set out. Read more

Dos delegaciones de México visitan Bilbao para conocer su modelo de desarrollo urbano y empresarial

Bilbao is a city of reference in Mexico. Proof of this is the visit of two delegations of the Aztec country which happen to meet in Bilbao at the moment. Read more

Una delegación de la ciudad sueca de Malmö visita Bilbao para conocer las estrategias del Ayuntamiento en Acción Social

The City of Malmö is very interested in knowing the strategies developed by the Bilbao Consistory in municipal politics on social action programs to fight domestic violence and the politics of local housing. The transformation process that has led Bilbao to become an international benchmark in urban planning will also be exposed to the Swedish delegates. Read more